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Hi there I'm Marie

mompreneur, creative & self taught photographer.


As an Aries, I bring my fiery passion to every project, and I pride myself on being a creative soul. Naturally growing up shy, I found my confidence & my voice through photography. I generally love making genuine connections with people & aim to bring out their inner-most confidence.

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Why motherhood?

Throughout my journey in photography, there was nothing more beautiful to me than documenting such a special moment in a woman's life. My very first maternity photoshoot was in 2011, & somehow I knew then it was something I would love to continue doing, and I did.

Then, I became a mother myself. I experienced the ethereal beauty of pregnancy firsthand. I experience the love and joy, becoming a mother truly brings you. My son became my reason, & my reminder that time will never sit still, but photographs will.

Maternity photography allows me to combine my love of photography and my admiration for the female form to create a truly unique and beautiful experience for my clients. My photography style is minimalist, yet powerful with attention to details such as lighting, posing, and expressions. I strive to create a comfortable, calming environment that helps my clients feel at ease and confident while I capture their beauty. 


A little background

Growing up in the Bronx I always found myself fascinated with old photographs of the city, sparking my interest in photography. While in high school, I joined an after school fashion club, where we coordinated our very own fashion shows which further grew my love for photography & the fashion industry itself. I was blessed enough to get accepted into an NYU photography program which taught me all the basics I needed to pursue portrait photography.


Fast forward to now, here I am. With over 10 years of experience in portrait photography, working alongside many other creatives in the industry, major brands like 'McDonalds' & 'Wendy's' alongside social media marketing company 'Being Latino', & published in fashion magazines. I look forward to the rest of my photography career, capturing moments forever frozen in time. 

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The Fun Facts




  1. I've saved a life or two. I was in the medical field for a little over 6 years as an EMT & Medical Assistant.
  2. I am Puerto Rican and you may hear some classic salsa at the studio.
  3. I prefer a relaxing vacation over one with endless activities.
  4. I'll watch Grey's Anatomy & Law & Order SVU in my free time.
  5. I can't say no to a good NY slice of pizza.
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Lets chat

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